Yes, It’s True! This Banda Mexicana Will Be Part Of Coachella 2018 Lineup

It was a surprise to discover that a Mexican banda originally from Mexico City, is part of the Lineup of the international music festival Coachella 2018, one of the most recognized and where many celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna meet to listen to their favorite groups.

Coachella, through its official website, revealed the “line up” of its next edition, which highlights the group from Iztapalapa, known for themes such as “17 years”, and which is one of the main shows.

Surprised, but very excited, is how Los Ángeles Azules are to play at the Coachella Festival in its 2018 edition, which was revealed a few days ago that will assist to turn the stage of Indio, California, into a dance floor.

The group is sure that it will manage to spread joy among the attendees without having to share the same language, because their music is a universal language, with a vibration that leads those who listen to them to move with the cumbia.

“We are very nervous about the news, any group would like to be there, but a lot of people are putting us in their preference, those who are dedicated to inviting saw the rhythm in us, they did not invite us for anything. People leave happy, “said José Mejía, percussionist of the group and one of the six brothers Mejía Avante, who only learned of their inclusion in the lineup yesterday.

Their success is attributed to the work they do, since they offer more than 20 concerts a month, something that is not tired by the energy that the public transmits to them.

“We dance and sing to children, young people, adults, older people, we are a phenomenon that we did not expect, when we modernized the songs we did not know what this success would be,” said the musician, who recalled that they already surprised those who did not believe in when they were announced to participate in the 2013 Vive Latino.

Although they had already confirmed a presentation at the National Auditorium and a tour of the United States, they consider that now it is a major challenge because they must represent Mexico in one of the most important festivals in the international arena.

“We have a very big responsibility with the country that saw us born, we must do our best to make people dance and enjoy,” he said.

The group, which at this stage has been characterized by its collaborations with different types of guests, does not rule out repeating any of its collaborations there.

And although they still have to organize times with the other guests, José Mejía would like to take Jay de la Cueva because he defined him as “the little but spicy guy who catches the audience”.

Los Ángeles Azules will be presented on Friday, April 13 and 20, at the festival led by The Weeknd, Beyoncé and Eminem.

Are you surprised?

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